Relationship Management

At Cambridge Wealth Counsel, relationships are key. Only through a strong, one-on-one client-advisor relationship can we get to know you well enough to help you craft a comprehensive plan.


In addition to a close relationship with your Wealth Manager, you’ll also have access to our Expert Team, a network of expert professionals available to assist you with your specialized financial goals.

Our Relationship Management Services Are Centered Around:

Your Connection with Your Wealth Management Team

The most important relationships you’ll have at Cambridge Wealth Counsel are your one-on-one relationship with your personal Wealth Management Team. Led by your wealth manager, and staffed by their support financial advisor, and a dedicated client service administrator. We work seamlessly with you to develop a long-term, client-centered partnership focused on reaching your personal and financial goals.

Our ongoing consultation process finds and implements solutions to your unique financial situation. Regular progress meetings help maintain this relationship and are scheduled at your convenience.

As-Needed Access to Our Expert Team

To ensure you get the best help available for your particular needs, we also work with a network of expert professional advisors—our Expert Team—to discuss and implement deeper solutions relevant to your financial goals. When appropriate, we bring in members of our Expert team to help devise custom solutions for you.

Our Expert Team includes professionals such as:

  • CPAs
  • Tax and estate attorneys
  • Valuation specialists
  • Risk management experts
  • Appraisers
  • Investment bankers
  • Other specialists as needed

Our Expert Team members do not charge you unless they are engaged to perform specific work under separate contractual agreements.

In addition, to save you time we will gladly collaborate with your current professional advisors who are not part of our Expert Team.

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Cambridge Wealth Counsel Has Merged!

We are pleased to announce that effective July 1, 2016, we have merged with Modera Wealth Management, LLC (“Modera”), an independent, fee only wealth management firm with offices in Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts and New Jersey. The merger brings together two growing firms with a common set of values and wealth management philosophies. Both share a deep dedication to being a fee-only fiduciary, providing objective advice in the best interests of their clients, remaining independent and continue to deliver exceptional service.

The resources and expertise we can provide to our clients are enhanced; the combined group results in a team of 51 employees, including 25 holding the CFP ® certification, 5 with the CFA designation, 3 CPAs, one JD, one CDFA, one EA and one CFTA. Along with your current wealth management team, we may, depending on your needs, introduce other specialists in our expanded group.

The name “Modera” stands for “to manage, to moderate”, with various roots in Latin, Italian and Spanish. Given that we are creating long-term financial plans and managing assets for the long-term with emphasis on risk management, the name Modera embodies our core beliefs. It is up to date and forward looking, yet grounded in the principle of “take no more risk than one needs to achieve one’s goals”.

Please click here to be redirected to the website. If you would like to have a conversation about the merger, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are reachable at the same unchanged phone number (770) 506-7377

We are so grateful for the trust and confidence of you, our clients. We look forward to continuing to serve you and your families in the years ahead.

Rob, Barry, Brandy, Tana, Salome and Doreth

The New Georgia Office of Modera Wealth Management